Each year, we offer a wide variety of events for members and non-member grantmaking organizations to assist with professional development and peer learning opportunities.

In addition, PFC hosts a yearly gathering of leaders in the philanthropic sector from Canada and across the world to exchange ideas, learn from each other and discuss important issues facing our communities.

PFC Conference 2018

The context for Canadian philanthropy is changing rapidly, funders are connecting through digital, personal, local, and global paths which is leading to creative approaches to making change with not only for community partners. The conference will explore these themes of connection, creativity and social change.

PFC Introduction to Good Grantmaking Webinar Series

This webinar series will focus on grantmaking and other emerging tools available in the philanthropic toolkit. Designed for board and staff members of grantmaking foundations, the series of four webinars will allow participants to explore the grantmaking process together and interactively. Each webinar will be supported by reading materials and resources.

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Webinar Series and Dates

Webinar #1
The Basic Framework and First Steps
September 27, 2018

This webinar will provide an overview of the steps in the grantmaking process. It will cover grantmaking style and philosophy and developing and using grant guidelines. It will touch on the steps involved in finding proposals, scanning the landscape, and defining exclusions. We will also look at the key points in the process of approving a grant, including screening, site visits, and making the decision.

Webinar #2
After Approving the Grant
October 25, 2018

So the grant was approved. What next? Some will say the real work begins now. How best to communicate the grant decision to a grantee, and any conditions and reporting requirements. The webinar will also discuss managing the grant with interim and final evaluations, and perhaps course correction along the way. And finally review how to close out a grant constructively.

Webinar #3
Good Grantmaking is Good Relationship Building
November 8, 2018

Grantmakers rely on great relationships to be effective and have impact. Strong relationships also matter in creating trust with community partners, especially when things aren’t going well. A relationship between funder and community partner can run up against issues of power and inequality. Being aware of these imbalances is essential to working together effectively. The webinar will explore challenging conversations, listening openly, and being aware of “unconscious” biases and assumptions.

Webinar #4
More than Just Money

November 23, 2018

In this final webinar, we will go beyond grantmaking, and explore emerging tools available in the philanthropic toolkit. Grantmakers have become increasingly sophisticated in how they activate resources available to them, to advance the issues they are working on. This webinar will look at additional models, including operating your own programs, convening and disseminating knowledge and collaborations with government.

PFC Networking Event

Trends in Australian Philanthropy

Friday, October 19, 2018, 12:00 PM
Foundation House: 2 St Clair Ave west 3d floor

Join Hilary Pearson and members of PFC for lunch and a conversation with Sarah Davies, CEO of Philanthropy Australia who will be discussing issues and trends in Australian philanthropy today. Australian and Canadian foundations share many challenges and questions including climate change, immigrant integration and social exclusion, and reconciliation. Come and hear about the similarities (and the differences) in our two philanthropic sectors.

This event is available for PFC members only.

WINGS Webinar

Giving to Challenging Markets
Philanthropy in Challenging Global Conditions

Thursday, October 4, 2018, 3:00 PM UTC

The webinar will open with a review of the Lilly’s School recent publication ‘2018 Global Philanthropy Environment Index’, then go into country case studies on Venezuela, Jordan, China, Hungary, Mexico, and Nigeria, and what the fiscal and enabling environment for philanthropy looks like there.

NCFP Webinar

Pride of Place: Sustaining a Family Giving Commitment Over Time

Thursday, October 11, 2018, 12:00 PM until 1:30 PM EST

Join NCFP President Virginia Esposito along with leading place-based family foundations as they discuss findings and themes from NCFP’s “Pride of Place” research project. Pride of Place explores how and why geographically-dispersed families have retained a commitment to the communities and regions where the philanthropy was established, even in cases where all or the majority of family members have moved away.

This webinar from the National Center for Family Philanthropy is available to PFC family foundations only at no cost as a benefit of PFC membership.

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PFC 2019 Symposium in Calgary

Wednesday, October 16 and 17th, 2019

Save the Date

Join PFC and your colleagues for its biennial Symposium in Calgary at the Hyatt Regency. More info to come, but you will not want to miss it so mark your calendar.