Exclusively for PFC Members In Person Online

Investment Roundtable Meetings

11 June - 19 November 2024 / Registration Closed

Who? | Audience

All existing Roundtable members, together with all other Board directors and staff who oversee investments in their respective PFC member foundations, are invited to attend the next hybrid meetings of this Peer Learning initiative chaired by PFC Board Director MJ Sinha.


  • Tuesday, June 11 @ 1 PM (Hybrid)
  • Monday, September 23 @ 2 PM ET (in person at PFC Conference in Ottawa)
  • Tuesday, November 19 @ 1 PM ET (Hybrid)


  • Online, in person or hybrid, according to dates

What? | Program

Typical Schedule

  • 12:30-1:00 PM ET (when Hybrid) : Networking coffee for in-person attendees at Foundation House, followed at 1 PM by a roundtable discussion between in-person and online attendees
  • 1:00-2:30 PM ET (when online only): Roundtable Discussion
    • Words of Welcome, Land Acknowledgement, Context-Setting, Tour de Table
    • Open discussion
    • Other topics of interest to members
    • Summary and Next Steps

How? | Registration:

  • All existing members of the Investment Roundtable will have received a calendar invite with a link for the videoconference, along with email reminders with online meeting details.
  • If you have not yet received such emails, please email programming@pfc.ca.