PFC offers the following support and services for existing or emerging affinity groups

  • Research to help you identify other funders interested in your field of interest (providing contact names and addresses to get your network started).

  • Helping with convening of groups with logistical and other support as needed. Assistance can be tailored to individual network needs.

  • Publicizing of group mission and events using PFC communications vehicles such as website and newsletter, as decided by each group.

Explore Affinity Groups

Program and Grantmaking Staff Affinity Group (PGSAG)

PGSAG is a program staff-led monthly group get-together where participants learn about and discuss different topics relevant to their work as program and grantmaking staff.

Communications Affinity Group

The Communications Affinity Group is a forum for practitioners from across the network to meet regularly and discuss important or emerging strategic communications and public affairs issues relevant to Canadian foundations, philanthropy and the wider non-profit and charitable sector.

Arts Funders Affinity Group

The PFC Arts Affinity Group fosters conversations among philanthropic arts funders who are currently, or are considering, funding in Canada’s arts and culture sectors and are motivated to convene, share insights, discuss meaningful support strategies, and explore how philanthropic arts funders can leverage collective action for greater impact.

Healthy Aging Affinity Group

The Healthy Aging Affinity Group, partnered with the Waltons Trust, is a peer-driven group of foundations who are interested in raising awareness about healthy aging and why philanthropy should get more involved.

Mental Health and Wellness Affinity Group

The Mental Health and Wellness Affinity Group seeks to mobilize philanthropic resources to strengthen the Mental Health and Wellness sector.

The Early Child Development Funders Working Group (ECDFWG)

The The Early Child Development Funders Working Group (ECDFWG) is a peer-driven group of foundations who are interested in supporting children early childhood across Canada through their granting and other work as sector leaders.

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