The future of Philanthropy – Working Across Boundaries

16 - 17 October 2019 / Registration Closed

In the 21st century in Canada community partners, governments and businesses are all facing difficult challenges: how to grow our economies sustainably, how to cope with environmental change while at the same time build opportunity, how to include everyone more equitably in the benefits of growth, how to have lives that are better, healthier and more connected?  The issues are complicated.  But the challenges are being faced by all of us and the work of addressing them must be done by all of us.

In this symposium we want to look at the future of philanthropic practice in collaboration across sectors.  How are foundations working with partners in the community, government and business sectors?  How can foundations create spaces for these collaborations to develop? What do we know about how to make these collaborations work? How important is it to work though the differences among sectors?  What are the tools and practices that make cross-sectoral work possible and more effective?  What outcomes do we hope to achieve through collaboration?

In this symposium we will take a closer look at:

  • Foundations working with non-charities
  • Foundations working with other funders
  • Foundations as activists and public policy changers
  • Foundations as convenors and space holders