Canadian Philanthropic Commitment on Climate Change

The Canadian Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change is a call on all foundations and other funders in this land to signal their commitment to act on climate change regardless of their respective missions.

Funders in the Nonprofit Data Ecosystem

Fostering an environment defined by enhanced coordination and cooperation amongst funders, more effective mechanisms for sharing knowledge, and understanding data needs and improved data capacity in the philanthropic sector.

Public Policy and Research

Our research initiatives and efforts in public policy and advocacy drive our capacity building, collaboration and learning programs.

Advancing Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Capital Flows

Philanthropic Foundations Canada and New Power Labs are working together on a partnership to advance justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in capital flows.

A non-profit organization and action-oriented think-tank, New Power Labs is a collaborative platform that informs, co-creates, and mobilizes new approaches and practices to expand access to capital for underfunded and overlooked leaders and communities.

PFC Dialogue

Productive Dialogue in a Polarized World

In the context of our increasingly polarized world – including growing Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and Anti-Arab and Anti-Palestinian hate in Canada, since the recent increase in violence in Israel and Palestine, PFC has engaged experts to support the development of a member-driven initiative to increase understanding and collaboration in the Canadian philanthropic community.