Canadian Philanthropic Commitment on Climate Change

The Canadian Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change is a call on all foundations and other funders in this land to signal their commitment to act on climate change regardless of their respective missions.

Equity Recovery Collective

The Equitable Recovery Collective is a group of leaders from across the nonprofit sector that formed in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the nonprofit sector and the communities it serves. The collective aims to advance an equitable recovery and a strong nonprofit sector.

Data Strategy Roadmap

This partnership will specifically focus on engagement of funders and stakeholders to build commitment, identify opportunities, and prioritize first steps toward building a funders data strategy. The creation of a full data strategy is beyond scope at this preliminary stage. The focus at this stage is to develop shared interest and a roadmap to guide next steps.

Policy, Government Relations & Advocacy

Driven by PFC’s purpose to support Canadian philanthropy – in all of its diversity – to contribute to a just and sustainable world, we work hard to align and amplify our efforts in public policy and advocacy based on insights from our research and programs as well as current affairs and external events.

COVID-19 Consortium

The COVID Quebec Consortium epitomizes the power of an organized and inclusive philanthropy as well as PFC’s decisive enabler and facilitator roles in fostering partnerships.