PGSAG – November Rendez-vous

29 November 2022 / Registration Closed

Mark your calendars, program officers and granting staff! Our November PGSAG meeting is not to be missed. This meeting will focus on the impact of inflation on our work and the strategies we can implement as grantmakers to best support our partners with the pressures they face. Chad Lubelsky and Rosemarie Lapalucci of the McConnell Foundation will explain their approach to the issue by presenting the concept of top-up payments they now are offering to their partners.

The Program and Grantmaking Staff Affinity Group (PGSAG) is a program staff-led monthly group get-together where participants learn about and discuss different topics relevant to their work as program and grantmaking staff. The events often feature speakers, grantmaking staff and are held in a workshop format, or open-format discussions.

Participants in this active affinity group find value in participating to discuss opportunities to work on initiatives together, exchange ideas, good practices, and other information, and build their impact by learning and sharing from one another.