Canada’s network for grantmakers

We believe in the power of philanthropy to effect change

We are an enabler for the common good, working in collaboration with civil society, the private sector, and governments. For more than 20 years, we have been bringing grantmakers together to connect, learn, and advance the best solutions for change on the issues that matter.


Strengthening Canadian philanthropy

We take a long view and stay engaged to have a meaningful impact.

We are pragmatic and responsive in creating space for foundations to act and learn collaboratively.

We share in the responsibility to create an inclusive philanthropic community based on trust and respect. Systemic racism and discrimination undermine our efforts. We work to strengthen relations with Indigenous Peoples, and to promote racial justice and equity for all.

We are responsible stewards of wealth and other resources to support charitable and not-for-profit partners. Our collective work serves the public good in a non-partisan and transparent manner.

We are continually learning how to translate these commitments into our practices –creatively and constructively.

We are a network that activates the power of people to shape their communities and protect the natural environment.


Strategic Directions

PFC’s 2021-24 strategic framework focuses on three key themes: amplifying impact, supporting collaboration, and building capacity for the common good.

  • Amplify impact and enhance effectiveness of philanthropic organizations.

    Operational Priorities

    • Increase social license for and build awareness of private philanthropy in contributing to the public good
    • Strengthen thought leadership activities
    • Facilitate sharing of and build the capacity of members for increased effectiveness in grant-making, programming, investing and administration
    • Deliver fee-based tailored advisory services to foundations and philanthropists
  • Strengthen opportunities for collaboration among foundations and with other sectors to advance the public good.

    Operational Priorities

    • Improve regulation and policy environment for charities, not for profits and for charitable giving working with Imagine and others
    • Expand attendance at and net contribution from biennial conference
    • Seize and create opportunities for members to collaborate in experimenting, prototyping, pooling program or other resources
  • Build internal capacity to live up to our values and purpose.

    Operational Priorities

    Diversify and grow revenues
    • Increase revenue in real terms from 2020 baseline
    • Grow membership
    Reinvent digital ecosystem
    • Create web infrastructure with capabilities to build communities and to cogenerate content
    • Create digital and data management tools to enable a social enterprise
    Increase research capacity
    • Strengthen evaluation, benchmarking, survey design capabilities
    Increase diversity, equity and inclusion
    • Diversify voices involved in PFC governance
    • Deepen internal DEI expertise
    Develop capacity to measure strategic performance
    • Measure constituent satisfaction over time at periodic intervals
    • Measure public support of private philanthropy over time at periodic intervals


Working towards more impactful philanthropy

PFC brings grantmakers together to connect, learn, and bring about solutions that advance the common good.

  • Affinity groups

    Communities of practice for partnerships, collaborations, learning and mentorship to share knowledge on specific issues.
  • Resources

    Information relevant to Canada’s philanthropic foundations.
  • Publications

    Primers on pressing issues and comprehensive guides for how grantmakers can work better.
  • Network development

    Opportunities for peer-learning to support real action and impact through networking events, webinars, conferences, and more.

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The people behind our organization

Jean-Marc Mangin is President of Philanthropic Foundations Canada (PFC), a national network of family, independent and corporate grantmakers in Canada which includes many of the largest private charitable foundations in the country.

Prior to PFC, Jean-Marc Mangin led a renewal process of the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, the largest national organization of Canadian researchers and scholars as its Executive Director from 2010-2016.