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Communications Affinity Group Calls in 2024

1 January 1970 / Registration Closed


Open to all communications specialists and grantmaking practitioners from across our philanthropic and nonprofit network

What? | Program

A regularly scheduled monthly meeting to discuss important or emerging strategic communications and public affairs issues relevant to Canadian foundations and philanthropy. The initiative supports the exchange of ideas, learning about relevant news, sharing intel and working together, while providing a forum for professional development, networking and dialogue.

Topics to be discussed and about which you can start thinking about in advance are:

  • Feb 22: Roundtable discussion – Developing Annual Reports and other impact reporting
  • Mar 21: Together 25 Webinar Series – Lobbying for Change
    • This webinar will increase charities’ confidence and clarity about the rules vis-à-vis lobbying and political activities overall. It will build understanding about legal requirements, answering such questions as:
      • What activities count as lobbying (and what don’t)?
      • How do you decide if you should register as a lobbyist or not?
      • What is required if you do register as a lobbyist?
      • What are the risks are of not registering?
  • Apr 18: Roundtable discussion – Communicating on Potentially Divisive Topics
  • May 23: Training workshop – Digital Communications and Accessibility
  • Jun 20: Roundtable discussion – Narrative Change and Impact Storytelling
  • Sep 23: Pre-PFC Conference Networking Lunch
  • Oct 17: Training workshop – A Practical Guide to Building a Government Relations Strategy
  • Nov 21: Roundtable discussion – Artifical Intelligence (AI) Implications on Communications

When and How? | Registration

On the 3rd or 4th Thursday of each month at 2 PM AT / 1 PM ET / 12 PM CT / 11 AM MT / 10 AM PT

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