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GENDER-LENS PHILANTHROPY: A practical guide for Canadian foundations

What does it mean to a foundation to apply a “gender lens” to their work? This gender-lens granting guide is part of a series of learning tools and resources to support foundations on how to apply a gender lens in their work. Gender is a key piece in the diversity, equity and inclusion puzzle as more foundations think about the impact of their grantmaking and doing its part in working towards equity in all forms, including gender. DOWNLOAD ›

Diversity, Featured, Practice Publications

GOVERNANCE AND GRANTMAKING: Approaches to achieve greater diversity, equity and inclusion

As a first step to assisting foundations with their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) journey, PFC has created this toolkit to provide them with guidance and access to a broad range of tools and resources to support and deepen their commitment to social good through diversity, equity and inclusion. DOWNLOAD ›

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Funders Making Change: Engaging in Public Policy

This guide is a resource for funders considering public policy work.  In this guide you will find 1) a useful checklist on what you can and can’t do 2) strategies for public policy engagement and 3) case studies from Canadian foundations. The guide also explains the regulatory framework for charities engaging in public policy activities. DOWNLOAD ›

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Understanding the Philanthropic Landscape: How grants data can inform funder decision-making

PFC has released the second brief in the series of learning materials on data and evidence-based grantmaking created for Canadian funders, in collaboration with Powered by Data. This brief does a deep dive into specific examples of how data infrastructure can transform philanthropy. DOWNLOAD ›

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A Portrait of Canadian Foundation Philanthropy

Have you wondered about broader trends and practices in the Canadian foundation landscape? PFC, in collaboration with Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), has prepared a profile of the practices of philanthropic foundations in Canada. The study is part of a collaborative global effort led by researchers at the Harvard Kennedy School at Harvard University. Through this study, we are becoming better informed about Canadian foundations and their comparisons with peers across the world. DOWNLOAD ›

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Good Grantmaking: A Guide for Canadian Foundations, revised 2015

This significantly revised guide shares concrete examples and successful practices from grantmakers in Canada on how to navigate the five stages of the grantmaking cycle. There are practical checklists that are useful for seasoned professionals and new grantmakers alike, to help you apply these approaches in your everyday work. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE ›

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Snapshot of Foundation Giving in 2015

This snapshot provides a data portrait of Canada’s grantmaking foundations in 2015. The snapshot also takes a more detailed look at the largest grantmaking foundations by asset size and by annual grants. It provides a picture of the significant impact and contribution of the largest foundations in the country. DOWNLOAD ›

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Impact Investing Guidebook

The Impact Investing Guidebook and accompanying resources are designed for foundations large and small, with different capacity and levels of commitment. More specifically, it’s written to provide practical strategies and tactical support for executive directors and board members of foundations that are thinking about or beginning to make impact investments.


Philanthropy in Action

Philanthropy In Action

Find out how various foundations are making an impact in their communities beyond just providing funds to donnees. These inspiring stories provide a mere glimpse at what can be accomplished through collaboration between philanthropy, government, business and communities.