Member Advisory – June 1, 2022

In Budget 2022, the Government of Canada committed to implement the spirit of Bill S-216, which passed through the Senate and is on its way through the House of Commons. Supported by many charities and lawyers across Canada, Bill S-216 would have created an accountable but more realistic framework for Canadian charities to partner with non-qualified donees (NQDs) in a less colonial and administratively burdensome way. However, the initial language of the Budget Implementation Act 1
(Bill C-19) would have resulted in a less flexible and more difficult regulatory framework for charities to support NQDs. Thanks to the mobilization from across the sector – including many PFC members – the bill has now been amended and has removed the prescriptive clauses. One amendment concerning pooled funding did not pass. However, officials have indicated that this aspect of the law would be
applied with a light touch.