PFC Documents Submissions

Submission in advance of the 2023 Federal Budget to the House of Commons of Canada Standing Committee on Finance

In this brief, PFC makes four recommendations to the Government of Canada that will enhance the vital economic and social contributions of philanthropy and the non-profit and charitable sector more broadly for Canadians. They will help remedy the existing inequities of access to charitable funds by marginalized communities that are reinforced by deficiencies in the regulatory regime governing the sector.

RECOMMENDATION 1 – Ensure supports for new qualifying disbursements and disbursement quota rules through resources, training and clarifying language about pooled funding

RECOMMENDATION 2 – Commit to regular reviews of the disbursement quota regime at least every 5 years

RECOMMENDATION 3 – Address the data deficit by overhauling the T3010 and tracking impact investment

RECOMMENDATION 4 – Designate a dedicated advocate or “home” for the non-profit and charitable sector within the machinery of government