Mobilizing 200+ organizations

The COVID Quebec Consortium was created in March 2020, initially formed by the Jarislowsky, Molson, Saputo and Trottier foundations and coordinated by Philanthropic Foundations Canada. It became a pillar in the fight against the pandemic in the Greater Montreal area and the Chaudière-Appalaches region. By fall 2021, PFC had mobilized 10 foundations and multiple state actors with contributions totaling $12.3M to support Quebec’s most affected communities in mitigating the spread and impact of COVID-19.

Through the 27 community action plans that it deployed over a territory with 3.3 million residents, this initiative represents one of the most important collective impact projects in Quebec’s history. Its contribution in stemming the 3rd wave of the pandemic and increasing vaccination in Montreal was publicly recognized by the Regional Director of Public Health, Dr. Mylene Drouin.

As the pandemic was unfolding, PFC delivered in-depth analyses to guide the foundations’ decisions and investments. PFC’s coordination team provided the consortium with knowledge syntheses, analyses, and expert-based recommendations to ensure strategic and impactful investments for the common good.

PFC also played a critical role of liaison between the foundations, academia, public health authorities, government representatives at all levels and more than 200 community organizations in Quebec.