Shareholder Engagement Director, Eclipx & Trottier Family Foundation

Position: Full Time

The Trottier Family Foundation (TFF) is a private family foundation based in Montreal. Our mission is to support organizations that work towards the advancement of scientific inquiry, the promotion of education, fostering better health, protecting the environment and mitigating climate change. TFF strives to catalyze and scale transformative innovations, create cross sector collaborations, and take risks that others cannot.

Spurred by the work the Trottier Family Foundation has done in addressing the climate crisis, Eclipx was established in part to broaden the capacity of the foundation to apply its sustainable investment objectives to its endowment, as well as to carry over those practices into private family assets. Strongly connected to the Trottier family’s values, the Eclipx Family Office assists in developing and implementing investment policies and practices which will mobilize capital towards companies, funds and managers that share their values seeking purpose with financial return.

We are seeking a Shareholder Engagement Director to lead our climate engagement initiatives. This is an exciting position for someone who is passionate about making a lasting impact towards improving the sustainability of our investments and influencing the service providers we work with to achieve climate goals.

Montreal, Quebec / Hybrid. Our office is in Montreal, but we will consider candidates from across Canada.

The Shareholder Engagement Director is a pivotal role within our team and to our knowledge the first position of its kind in Canada where you work for a climate funder and family office. This position is designed for a dynamic and strategic leader who is deeply committed to leveraging shareholder influence to drive substantial and meaningful progress with a particular emphasis on climate-related practices within public companies and service providers including investment and banking relationships. The Shareholder Engagement Director reports to our senior management and will be instrumental in advancing climate investing goals through targeted shareholder engagement strategies.


  1. Strategic Leadership and Planning:
    ○ Develop and execute comprehensive strategies for engaging with companies to promote sustainable
    corporate practices and achieve specific climate goals.
    ○ Collaborate with committee members to identify and prioritize companies for engagement.
  2. Shareholder Engagement:
    ○ Lead and facilitate direct engagement with corporate boards and management teams of companies
    to advocate for climate-focused business practices.
    ○ Utilize a spectrum of tools available to shareholders, including direct dialogue, collaborative
    engagement, proxy voting, and filing shareholder proposals.
  3. Networking and Collaboration:
    ○ Establish and maintain relationships with key stakeholders in the financial community, including
    investors, climate organizations, network associations, and industry experts.
    ○ Represent our organization in various forums and networks to enhance our influence and
    effectiveness in climate advocacy.
  4. Monitoring, Reporting, and Impact Assessment:
    ○ Regularly monitor the progress and impact of engagement efforts on our climate and corporate
    sustainability goals.
    ○ Prepare and present reports and updates, highlighting successes, challenges, and strategic
  5. Advocacy and Communication:
    ○ Develop and lead communication campaigns to mobilize other investors, investment managers, and
    the public in support of our climate agenda.
    ○ Advocate for climate-positive changes at shareholder meetings and other relevant platforms.
  6. Policy Development and Implementation:
    ○ Guide the formulation of policies and practices that align with our climate investing objectives.
    ○ Ensure that our engagement strategies are consistent with the latest climate science and policy


  • 7 years + of relevant work experience
  • Academic credentials could include degrees in finance, commerce, law, environmental studies or in related field
  • Graduate degree will be considered an asset
  • Solid understanding of financial markets and publicly listed company dynamics
  • This is a senior role, suitable for someone with a proven track record in shareholder engagement, corporate sustainability, or climate advocacy.
  • Deep understanding of climate change issues, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria, and sustainable investment strategies.
  • Strong leadership and strategic thinking skills, with the ability to develop and implement effective
    engagement strategies.
  • Excellent communication, negotiation, and stakeholder management skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders, including senior corporate executives, investors, asset managers and charitable organizations.
  • Ability to handle complex projects and multi-task with excellent attention to detail.
  • Proficiency in data analysis and reporting.
  • Independent, self-started and very organized.
  • French language proficiency will be considered an asset

To apply, please send your CV and short cover letter to info@trottierfoundation.com
In your cover letter please respond to the following questions:

  • Why do you want to work at TFF and Eclipx? What do you hope to gain and what do you hope to contribute?
  • How can shareholder engagement help advance the work of the Trottier Family Foundation and Eclipx Family Office and leverage impact?

All enquiries and nominations will be kept in strict confidence.
Due to the anticipated volume of responses, we will only contact those candidates who most closely match our requirements and who are invited to an interview.
Interviews are anticipated to take place on a rolling basis from May to June, 2024.
The Trottier Family Foundation and Eclipx Family Office are committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment. We welcome and encourage applications from individuals who identify as members of marginalized communities. If you require any accommodation as part of the application process, please do not hesitate to contact Caroline Lavoie at info@trottierfoundation.com.