Overall it was a fantastic experience - the guest speakers were excellent, the design of the training really well thought-out, the group dynamic very supportive, and the tools provided, followed by some accountability at each session, incredibly helpful.

Excellent program - I got a ton out of it and am confident this experience will have a huge impact on our foundation's operations moving forward.

When we saw the JEDI Accelerator Program being offered by PFC, we saw it as an opportunity to continue our journey of working towards being a more equitable organization alongside other foundations who shared some of the same specific challenges and opportunities within their operating contexts. What developed through the program was a beautiful community of support, encouragement, and idea sharing, from organizations at all points along their journeys that propelled us forward. The bringing together of staff and board members to undertake this work was ideal, creating a sense of collaboration within the foundation, and working toward a final, tangible JEDI action plan gave us a clear sense of accomplishment by the end of the program. Some of the actions are already in place, others are ones we’re moving towards, but there’s no doubt that the Rozsa Foundation is a stronger, more equitable organization thanks to our participation in PFC’s JEDI Accelerator Program

Rosza Foundation