As philanthropy has become more professionalized, the field has become both more diverse and more complex. PFC’s thought leadership, range of supports for both new and experienced funders, and expert government relations enable its members to be more effective. If we didn’t have PFC, we’d have to invent it.

Through our PFC membership I have met other like-minded Foundations and together we have agreed to fund causes that each of us could not afford to do separately. 1+1 = 3

Our practice of philanthropy has been greatly influenced by the access to other foundations via membership in PFC and our participation in various worthwhile events. As a new foundation, PFC was very supportive during the start-up phase and provided us with extremely helpful information and advice.

Kathleen LeGrow
President - Jimmy Pratt Foundation, St. John’s

PFC has been an indispensable ‘go to’ resource to help me learn more about the philanthropic sector. PFC provides me with current information, tools, advice and resources which are extremely relevant to our foundation.

PFC helps foundations understand and unleash the power of (all forms of) their capital, to further their mission, vision, and values. I am excited, grateful, and humbled to be involved with PFC as a member of the board, helping to assist the PFC and its members in this work.