Climate Change Research

YEAR 1 REPORT – Canadian Philanthropic Commitment on Climate Change (CPCCC)

The Canadian Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change (CPCCC) was established in 2021 by Community Foundations of Canada, Environment Funders Canada, Philanthropic Foundations Canada, and The Circle on Philanthropy – building on the established International Commitment and the #PhilanthropyforClimate movement – with 48 foundations signing the pledge over the course of the first year.

The CPCCC Year 1 Implementation Report highlights the progress made by the philanthropic foundations that signed the pledge across seven pillars: Education, Resources, Integration, Endowment and Assets, Operations, Influence and Advocacy, and Transparency. It also highlights foundations’ efforts to increase support for Indigenous communities and Indigenous-led climate action.

This report presents a candid assessment of the encouraging progress made over the course of the first year, while also highlighting the challenges that many foundations encountered. The report aims to encourage accountability and transparency, identify the opportunities to strengthen collective impact, and establish robust targets and benchmarks to drive meaningful change in the philanthropic sector and, ultimately, contribute to a sustainable future for Canada and the world.