Philanthropy and Reconciliation


Organized philanthropy is in a unique position to support Canada’s efforts towards reconciliation and to shape a future that is inclusive and respectful for everyone.

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Paul Lacerte, member of the Carrier First Nation in northern BC, presents a Cowichan woven blanket as a gift to PFC Chair, Laura Manning, and PFC President, Hilary Pearson, at the PFC Vancouver Conference 2016.

What Are The SDGs and Why do They Matter

Over the next year, PFC will be working closely with members and partners to help you use the SDGs as a framework for your grantmaking. If you would like to learn more about each goal and how it may apply to your grantmaking, consult our page were we have outlined numerous resources to guide you.


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Snapshot of Foundation Giving in 2014

Publication date: October 2016

PFC's annual snapshot of Canadian Grantmaking Foundations is now available. This snapshot provides a data portrait of Canada's grantmaking foundations, which gave collectively close to $6 billion to Canadian charities in 2014.

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Small Foundations, Outsized Impact

Commissioned by Burns Memorial Fund, Mindset Social Innovation Foundation and Philanthropic Foundations Canada in September 2016, the report is intended to draw out consistencies in the practices and philosophies of high impact but small scale foundations.

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What’s New?

What’s Happening in Philanthropy

REPORT: Foundations Need Capacity Too

What capacities are essential to advancing a foundation’s own mission? How do these elements compare to the capacities their grantee partners need? These questions and more are addressed in a report from the TTC Group.

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Stand for Your Mission

Do philanthropic foundation boards have a more direct role, along with their grantees, in advocacy by standing for their mission?

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Three Lessons From 25 years With The Caledon Institute

Alan Broadbent of Maytree shares his thoughts on the lessons learned from years of influential work by Caledon about accomplishing social change through careful policy work and advocacy.

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Collaborating for Equity and Justice: Moving Beyond Collective Impact

This important article focuses on developing collaborative multi-sector approaches to social change in communities. The goal is to look beyond the well-known collective impact model to engage in different ways with communities.

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GEO REPORT: Shaping Culture Through Key Moments

An exploration of organizational culture, how it influences grantmaker practice and how it can aid or impede results and the specific times in the life of an organization when grantmakers can shape or express their organizational culture.

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REPORT: Valuing Data: How to use it in your grantmaking

How can grantmakers use the enormous amount of data they produce, both at an individual and a collective level, to improve their funding practice.

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