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PFC Conference 2022 – Closing Plenary

PFC Conference 2022 – Closing Plenary: What’s Next in Philanthropy? Oct 4 2022, ENGLISH

“What’s Next in Philanthropy? Addressing global challenges locally”

Montreal leaders take the stage to reflect on the discussions and learnings from the conference over the course of the two days, and discuss their relevance in local philanthropic practice in connecting the response to the challenges of Reconciliation, poverty, inequalities and the climate crisis.


Karel Mayrand, President & CEO, The Foundation of Greater Montréal

Claude Pinard, President and Executive Director, Centraide of Greater Montréal

Sylvie Trottier, Board Director, Trottier Family Foundation

MODERATOR: Émilie Nicolas, Columnist, Political Commentator, Consultant, Public Speaker & Course Instructor