Balsam Foundation

private foundation working to enable and galvanize the well-being and potential of our communities by enabling systems of care that support the well-being of children and families, and ensuring our communities contain the physical elements that support healthy lives.

Paul Barber Foundation

A new private foundation established in 2021, dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians by supporting transformational life-changing programmes, with a focus on women’s enablement, youth assistance, and support for the arts. 

The Cowan Foundation

Private foundation supporting transformational programs that encourage excellence, teach valuable life skills and expand leadership capabilities, as well as programs focused on improving the health and wellness of individuals in our communities, with particular attention on seniors.

Definity Insurance Foundation

A new public foundation working with charitable partners across Canada to tackle inequity, barriers to good health and opportunity, and climate-related challenges, with a focus on marginalized and underserved communities and addressing the systemic roots and impacts of inequality.

Equality Fund

An organization established with a $300M pledge from the federal government to provide sustainable funding for women’s movements globally. They are working to usher in an era of abundance for women, girls, and trans people leading the charge on solutions to our most urgent social and political challenges, with grantmaking that trusts deeply in movement leaders and supports efforts rooted in local culture, history, and leadership

Fondation de la Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec

Public foundation which aims to concretely improve the lives of caregivers in Quebec by supporting the actions of organizations that offer respite activities to those who are committed to supporting a loved one suffering from a permanent or degenerative disability or handicap.

Fondation Yvate foundation

Foundation whose mission is to help the most disadvantaged in our society. 

Fondation Yvan Morin

Private foundation, whose mission is to help the most disadvantaged in our society.

Nikean Foundation

Private foundation that is one of the world’s leading charities funding clinical research and educational programming focused on the advancement of psychedelic medicine for mental health, supporting psychedelic science and clinical deployment.

Ronald S Roadburg Foundation

Private foundation established in 2021, with an array of impact areas including: strengthening and securing the Jewish community, empowering populations adversely or disproportionately affected by circumstance or social inequities, and responding to complex social challenges, currently focusing on addictions and the climate emergency.

Sifton Family Foundation

Private foundation supporting projects that preserve as well as enhance the environment, while enriching the lives of people living in those communities through grants towards families, youth and children, seniors and persons with disabilities.

The Sonor Foundation

Private foundation that invests in smart and creative leaders, good ideas and transformative impact. A signature program is a $1.5M investment into trans and gender diverse communities across Canada.

Srinarayanathas Foundation

Private foundation established on a hundred-year family legacy  providing holistic, sustainable support to organizations focused on improving outcomes for underrepresented communities and communities of colour in Canada.

The Law Foundation of British Columbia

An organization with funding programs and projects throughout BC to benefit the public in the areas including legal education, legal research, legal aid, law reform, and law libraries.

The Maytree Foundation

Private foundation that works to advance systemic solutions to poverty through a human rights approach. They support non-profit organizations, their leaders, and people they work with by developing and sharing knowledge across the non-profit sector and governments, strengthening leadership capacity, and mobilizing action to secure economic and social rights for all.

Vancity Community Foundation

Public community foundation bringing community together to build a thriving community founded on cooperative principles of social justice, financial inclusion and environmental sustainability.

Walter J. Blackburn Foundation

Private foundation that funds capital needs for charitable organizations in the fields of healthcare, social services, the arts, education and the environment.