March 20, 2020
From the President

PFC’s New Weekly Digest

Jean-Marc Mangin, FPC President - CEO

PFC is rapidly re-orienting its resources to support its members response to the COVID-19 emergency.

A key function for us is to share curated information about how you can assist and what actions your peers are taking. Starting today, PFC will publish a COVID-19 philanthropic weekly digest for as long as required. (In the meantime, we are suspending our monthly newsletter). We will also share relevant developments through our social media platforms, notably twitter (@PhilanthropyCDA).

We will also support coordination via our partners at Imagine Canada, CFC and EFC. We are working on proposals to develop national and regional platforms to facilitate support to front line community organizations that are facing a cash flow crisis and struggling to protect and retain volunteers and staff. It is important that this support complements the response from governments and public health agencies. PFC will explore how some of the affinity groups could become more operational, especially the program staff affinity group.

We will also re-orient our capacity building programs. PFC held a webinar that attracted 124 participants on March 18th. On March 26th at 2 PM, we will host a webinar on how to support non-qualified donees during this emergency (register here).

I am impressed how quickly our community is mobilizing and how Canadians are demonstrating their humanity and solidarity in this historic and unprecedented crisis. Do not hesitate to be in touch to propose ideas, to let us know what you are doing and to support our work.

Stay safe,


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