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From the disbursement quota, to granting to non-qualified donees, to home in government, PFC is a leading national advocate for our sector. We deeply value their expertise, dedication and unique perspectives on philanthropy in our mutual work to advance federal public policy so that organizations are supported in achieving their missions.

Bruce Macdonald
President and CEO - Imagine Canada

PFC is a key partner when it comes to ensuring that our regulatory frameworks support and empower the sector’s work. We collaborate on initiatives regularly, because we value their expertise, commitment, and leadership on some of the most important issues facing the nonprofit sector.

Cathy Taylor
Executive Director - Ontario Non-profit Network

Signing the Canadian Philanthropic Commitment on Climate Change has been an important step in accelerating [our] climate action. We are grateful for the learning we have gained from the network of signatories and look forward to continuing to work together.

CPCCC signatorie

The CPCCC’s resource guide is a particularly useful tool for finding/generating content in our internal capacity-building efforts to ensure that our boards, investment committees, staff, volunteers and stakeholders are informed about the systemic causes, impacts and solutions of climate change, and the implications for our work.

CPCCC signatorie

This has been a great tool for keeping the topics of climate and Indigenous sovereignty front of mind not only in our granting but all aspects of our operations and the resources available to us.

CPCCC signatorie

Excellent program - I got a ton out of it and am confident this experience will have a huge impact on our foundation's operations moving forward.

JEDI Participant

PFC provides a unique platform and network for addressing the complex social and environmental challenges of our time, while daring to reinvent traditional philanthropic practices. By challenging preconceptions, committing to rigorous and honest examination of the sector's blind spots, and disrupting the status quo, PFC is a catalyst for meaningful action, strengthening our collective ability to redefine ourselves through continuous learning and unlearning.

Nadia Duguay
Executive Director - Fondation Béati

To me, the PGSAG represents a link to foundations and philanthropic practices to which I may not have had access otherwise. Being part of the steering committee has been a highlight in itself, for the always interesting conversations, the shared experience and the professional friendships.

Ode Belzile
Director, Philanthropic Activities - Fondation J. Armand Bombardier

2022’s first Budget Implementation Act, passed and included the essence of my Senate bill – S-216, the Effective and Accountable Charities Act. It included measures that changed ‘direction and control’ requirements that regulate charities who work with non-charities to provide a path to get rid of the deeply imbedded systemic racism that was contained in the Income Tax Act. In its place will be strong, accountable and effective partnerships based on mutual respect. Many thanks to the charitable sector who played an integral role in working together advocating for the changes, including groups such as Philanthropic Foundations Canada, Imagine Canada, Cooperation Canada, the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities, and the United Way of Canada. Good ideas, lots of hard work, persistence and above all, the voice and leadership of civil society was instrumental in creating change in the legislation.

Senator Ratna Omidvar

When we saw the JEDI Accelerator Program being offered by PFC, we saw it as an opportunity to continue our journey of working towards being a more equitable organization alongside other foundations who shared some of the same specific challenges and opportunities within their operating contexts. What developed through the program was a beautiful community of support, encouragement, and idea sharing, from organizations at all points along their journeys that propelled us forward. The bringing together of staff and board members to undertake this work was ideal, creating a sense of collaboration within the foundation, and working toward a final, tangible JEDI action plan gave us a clear sense of accomplishment by the end of the program. Some of the actions are already in place, others are ones we’re moving towards, but there’s no doubt that the Rozsa Foundation is a stronger, more equitable organization thanks to our participation in PFC’s JEDI Accelerator Program

Simon Mallett
Executive Director - Rosza Foundation

The CPCCC’s resource guide and facilitated sessions have helped us develop our internal capacity-building efforts to ensure that our Board, investment committee, staff and stakeholders are informed about the systemic causes, impacts and solutions of climate change, and the implications for our work. The reporting process provided a welcome framework to take stock of and celebrate the progress we’ve made under our Climate Change strategy. We’re grateful to PFC, EFC, CFC, and the Circle for this valuable collaboration.

Stephanie Trussler
Executive Director - Peter Gilgan Foundation

The Roundtable has proved a valuable experience to share how investment portfolios are managed at different foundations, how managers are evaluated, what products are being considered, and various issues facing foundation Investment Committees as they seek to generate income and safeguard principal.

Tim Gardiner
Vice-Chair of Board of Directors - Lawson Foundation