PFC Symposium 2017

Listen. Learn. Act.
The Opportunities for Canadian Philanthropy

October 17 – 18, 2017 in Montreal

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Blogs & Articles About The 2017 Symposium

PFC President’s Blog: Listen Learn Act

PFC President, Hilary Pearson, highlights some of the lessons learned about listening and learning effectively as funders that were shared during the Symposium.

Alliance Magazine Blog: The Magic of Listening

Former CKX Philanthropy Fellow and Managing Partner at Active Philanthropy and Beyond Philanthropy, Michael Alberg-Seberich, shares his insights about the unique state of philanthropy in Canada as observed from the conversations at the Symposium.

Moving Beyond Good Intentions

Jillian Witt, Community Engagement Consultant for The Philanthropist, explores some of the common threads regarding self-reflection and shifting power asked of funders at the PFC Symposium in Montreal in October 2017.

Photos From The 2017 Symposium

PFC’s biennial symposium provides philanthropic leaders with a unique opportunity to learn from and exchange with colleagues from across the country. 

Theme & Goals

  • How can Canadian philanthropy listen more effectively to our community partners?
  • How do we hear the voices of those most affected by injustice in our community?
  • How do we question our own assumptions and overcome imbalances in power and privilege?
  • And how do we find and share what works in community?
  • To initiate an open conversation among Canadian funders about the processes, practices, assumptions and biases that shape their listening and their learning about diverse perspectives on current social and community issues.
  • To introduce Canadian funders to some current examples of approaches and practices that foster more open and inclusive listening and learning.
  • To generate insights and to share specific ideas that can be taken back to share with colleagues and to apply locally.


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