PFC 2019 Symposium Side-Events

October 16 / 18

October 18

Post-symposium Workshop: Introduction to Truth and Reconciliation through Right Relations

For all PFC Conference Participants. SOLD OUT.

Please join us for a unique workshop on Truth and Reconciliation through Right Relations. This workshop, designed by the Banff Centre, is a one-day, intensive, learning experience that will engage participants in ceremony, individual reflection, group activity, and outdoor walks In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action and based on the findings from Banff Centre’s 2016 Truth and Reconciliation Summit, Leadership Programming at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity has designed this program to better understand the truth of Canada’s shared history with Indigenous peoples. This includes fostering a dialogue between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians and asking each of us to enter into a respectful relationship with one another as we work toward shared purposes. 

Course objectives:

  • Advance right relations
  • Communicate through deep listening
  • Develop an organizational approach to Truth and Reconciliation
  • Share Indigenous ways of knowing
  • Develop curiosity
  • Empower individuals to take action on reconciliation in their personal and professional lives
  • Increase greater respect, understanding, and meaningful connections between citizens


Date, Time and Location

Date: Friday, October 18th

Time: 8:30 am to 5 pm

Location: Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity; 107 Tunnel Mountain Dr, Banff, AB T1L 1H5

For More Information about Cost, Logistics and Workshop Program, click on the Information button below.

For any other questions related to this event, please contact Ines Chaalala


Mental Health and Wellness Affinity Group (MHWAG) Annual Meeting


MHWAG annual in-person meeting for funders interested in improving mental health and wellness outcomes. The meeting will focus on knowledge exchange and learning between members.



Time and Location

October 16, 8:30 am- 4 pm

Walker Room, 3rd Floor

Early Childhood Education Funders Group Meeting

Meeting of the Early Childhood Education Funders Group.

All interest participants are welcome.


Date, Time and Location

October 16

1 pm- 4 pm

Herald Room, 3rd Floor

Youth Unconference on Philanthropy in Canada

Co-hosted by PFC, Resource Movement and Youth and Philanthropy Initiative Canada
Presented by PwC

This year, we are once again convening, connecting, and amplifying the diverse voices of youth who are active within (or actively engaging with) the philanthropic sector. Building on the Youth Unconference at the 2017 PFC Symposium in Montreal, we aim to create an inclusive space for participants to connect and learn across their areas of experience and expertise. We look forward to cultivating shared community, growing together, and emerging with an updated set of collective goals for how youth can be drivers of change in Canadian philanthropy.


Time and Location

1:00pm to 4:30pm

More information to come.

Pre-conference Workshop: Connecting Philanthropy & Community with a Gender Focus

Hosted by Sharon Avery, President and CEO of the Toronto Foundation
Facilitators: Anne Brayley and Nadien Godkewitsch, Toronto Foundation

With recent women’s movements such as #metoo and #quietnomore, we know that women’s rights are on the cusp of real change. We believe that philanthropy can put the issues facing women on the forefront of the Canadian agenda. Though prioritizing gender issues has taken hold in the global context, there is more work to be done when giving locally here in Canada. This pre-conference workshop builds on PFC’s decision to make women and women’s issues a discussion at this year’s conference and hopes to give you a chance to start that conversation early.

In this interactive 2-hour workshop we will discover new ways of thinking about philanthropy and gender – what values motivate us, why designing a strategy that considers gender is important, and where to start. Aligning with the PFC’s Conference “Women and Philanthropy” stream, components of this workshop will help us apply a gender lens in how we implement our philanthropic values and strategy. Through a series of exercises each of us will create our own unique story and use it as the foundation for our journey to strategic, philanthropy.

All genders welcome.


Time and Location

2:00pm to 4:00pm
Adelaide, Lobby Level

Please register here. Spots are limited.

Pre-Conference Workshop: Foundations Partnering for Reconciliation (FPR)

Co-hosted by The Circle and PFC

Is your organization new to partnering with Indigenous groups and communities and looking to learn from others? This is a space for you.


Are you an active participant in partnership, research, grantmaking and solution-seeking a long side Indigenous-led communities and organizations? This space is for you.


Are you struggling to find your path, build a connection or worry about getting reconciliation wrong? This too is a space for you.


The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada is hosting Foundations Partnering for Reconciliation workshop, a unique convening experience centred around storytelling and active listening. This convening is an opportunity for organizations to participate in the practice of collective harvest and learn from peers about how they are breathing life into the Philanthropic Community’s Declaration of Action by shifting policies and practices. 


The second half of this years FPR convening will be focused on the development of an action plan based on The Circle’s 4 Spheres of Influence: Self, Family, Community, Philanthropy. 


Join us to share your work, brainstorm solutions and identify opportunities for partnership alongside The Circle team and fellow Philanthropic Declaration signatories.


Time and Location

1:00pm to 4:00pm

Bannerman Room

Register HERE

Program and Grantmaking Staff Affinity Group (PGSAG) Meeting

By Invitation only

The PGSAG groups all program and grantmaking staff who provide strategic support about the organization’s direction or practices, assist the CEO/President/Executive Director in preparing and submitting funding requests to the Board, supervises junior staff, or manages programs directly involved with grantees.

This meeting will offer an opportunity for group members to learn from each other and build invaluable ties.


Date, Time and Location

Wednesday, October 16

Time 1 pm- 4 pm

Doll Room

If interested to know more, please contact Ines Chaalala, PFC