Starting a Foundation

Looking to set up a private foundation? PFC offers a guide to help you and your family through the most important questions that you may have. Once a decision is made, the registration and incorporation steps can be handled with assistance from lawyers specializing in nonprofit law.

If you are interested in starting a charity that functions as a fundraising foundation, we suggest that you consult the information available from Imagine Canada, the organization for charities and nonprofits in Canada, or the CRA website.

Starting a Foundation: A Guide for Philanthropists

4th edition, revised 2019

This popular guide addresses personal and practical questions for would-be philanthropists to help them decide on the option of starting a foundation of their own.


Doing Good for Business: The inclusion of philanthropy in the Canadian professional advisors’ business practice

September 2018

CAGP and PFC have partnered on a new publication of case studies to follow up on the publication The Philanthropic Conversation. This publication features stories of professional advisors who are taking on meaningful philanthropic conversations with their clients.


The Philanthropic Conversation: A Guide For Professional Financial Advisors

February 2016

This guide provides advice for professional financial advisors to guide them in their philanthropic discussions with clients. Based on a series of articles inspired by a unique Canadian research study: The Philanthropic Conversation: Understanding Financial Advisors’ Approaches and High Net Worth Individuals’ Perspectives.


CRA Resources

Looking to register a charity or foundation? Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) charities and giving section on their web site contains information and resources for applying and managing a registered charity as well as resources for donors.

Popular Topics

Applying for CRA registration

How to apply, the review process, how to decide if registration is right for you, and more

Operating a registered charity

Information for directors and trustees about the obligations of operating a registered charity

Charities Listings

A searchable list of Canadian charities with information about their finances and activities

About registered charities

Learn about the regulation of charities and more

Making a donation

Learn who can issue official receipts, which gifts qualify, how to help disaster victims, and how to avoid fraud

Claiming charitable tax credits

Learn how to calculate and claim your charitable tax credit and more

Visit the charities & giving site for more information