February 17, 2021

Call for 2021 Nominations to the Board of Directors of PFC

The Nominating Committee of PFC urges you to consider making a nomination for the Board of Directors of PFC. The deadline for nominations is March 14, 2021. The election of directors will take place at the Annual General Meeting to be held virtually on June 10, 2021.

We have five vacancies to fill. Both self-nominations and nominations of others are welcome.

The nominations process aims to ensure that the Board of Directors reflects PFC’s diversity, equity, and inclusion policy, and that it is populated with the necessary expertise. In terms of expertise, for 2021 we are especially (but not exclusively) interested in attracting nominees with backgrounds in law/policy and finance/audit. Investment and governance skills remain important as well.

In addition, the organization seeks nominees who bring the perspectives of equity-seeking groups, and nominees who live and work outside of the corridor between Windsor and Quebec City.

Download 2021 nomination


Nominees can be a board director from a PFC member foundation or a staff member (at any level) from a PFC member foundation.

Each candidate will bring significant experience or expertise in one or more of these key functions:

  • Governance
  • Finance/audit/investment strategy
  • Strategic communications
  • Public policy/ government relations/advocacy
  • Legal
  • Grantmaking/philanthropic issues and practice

The nominating committee will strive to keep the Board as representative as possible by:

  • Drawing from all regions of Canada
  • Having directors from all foundation sizes
  • Having directors from all foundation types (family, corporate, public)
  • Maintaining gender parity and including all sexual orientations
  • Having directors from all age brackets
  • Seeking candidates who bring perspectives from other forms of diversity (Indigenous peoples; racialized Canadians; new Canadians; disabled Canadians)
  • Seeking to have at least 20% of directors who have French as their mother tongue or are fully bilingual

Some things to keep in mind when submitting your nomination:

  • The Board term is three years, renewable for a second term.
  • The Board meets four times a year, twice in person and twice by telephone.
  • The in-person Board meetings are held in different cities across the country (Toronto, Montreal, Calgary), in rotation, in June and November. Travel and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of each individual Board member.
  • Board members may also serve on one of the Board standing committees or ad hoc committees, which meet between Board meetings, usually by telephone.
  • Members of PFC are eligible to serve on two of the standing committees: Public Policy and Member Services, without being a Board director. If you are interested in doing so, you may also nominate yourself.

If you would like to make a nomination, please complete the attached form, and email it to Allan Northcott by Sunday, March 14, 2021, at northcotta@maxbell.org.

The Nominating Committee will consider all nominations received and recommend a slate of directors to the Board and members for election in June. Candidates who are selected will be contacted directly after March 14, 2021.

Thank you for supporting PFC.

Allan Northcott, Chair of the PFC Nominating Committee (President, Max Bell Foundation)

Download 2021 nomination


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