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Grantmaking Toolkit for the New Decade

This development of this guide by Philanthropic Foundations Canada and Community Foundations Canada was completed in 2022, as a resource for good practices for all Canadian grantmakers, both those who are established and those who are new to the field. Good practice in grantmaking is a means to become more effective, and to have greater positive impact in Canadian communities and around the world.

IMPORTANT NOTE: During the updating of this guide, new and important regulations were introduced by the federal government that have not yet been confirmed. These include new rules governing charitable partnerships with non-qualified donees (“qualifying disbursements”) and a new disbursement quota rate. Guidelines for the new policies are being developed and are expected by the end of 2022, at which point this guide will be updated. PFC and CFC have agreed to make this guide informally available, with the above caveat and that users should consult the revised guide once it is available in 2023.