Systems Thinking

To start thinking about the conference theme, making social change, is to become familiar with systems thinking.

Opening Plenary

Jim Gray opened the day with a talk about Philanthropy in the 21st Century.

Opening remarks by James (Jim) K. Gray (PDF)

Rapid Fire Presentations

Collaborating Across Sectors to Protect the Canadian Boreal Forest – Bruce Lourie, Ivey Foundation

Ivey Foundation 2012 Annual Report (PDF)
Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement Website

Pushing the Limits: Funding New Ways to Strengthen Natural Supports for Vulnerable Youth – Michelle Clarke, Burns Memorial Fund

Vulnerable Youth Learning Report (PDF)

Solidifying Collective Impact: the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness – Tim Richter, Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness

Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness Website

Building a Stronger Community in Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo – Cathy Glover, The Suncor Energy Foundation

Social Prosperity Wood Buffalo Website


Scaling Up and Scaling Out: The Experience of the Fourth R Program in Alberta – Shelley Uytterhagen, Carthy Foundation

Issue Brief: Social and Emotional Learning in Canada (PDF)

Deep Dive Conversations

Building a Movement: Advancing Philanthropic Support For Social Enterprise and Social Business – Michele Fugiel Gartner, Trico Charitable Foundation

Trico Charitable Foundation Website

Social Enterprise Canada Website

Social Enterprise World Forum Website

Report: Perspectives of the Business Sector on Social Enterprise (PDF)

Working Towards a Healthier Food System: Community Food Centres Canada – Sandy Houston, George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation

Community Food Centres Canada Progress Report 2012-2013 (PDF)

Community Food Centres Canada Website

The Guardian – Article on Community Food Centres Canada’s Nick Saul

SmartSAVER: How $2,000 triggers multi-sectoral partnership, social inclusion and systems change – May Wong, Omega Foundation

SmartSAVER Website

Omega Foundation SmartSAVER pilot evaluation report (PDF)

Short Talks

Taking Social Change to Scale – Stephen Huddart, The J. W. McConnell Family Foundation

Listen to this 20 minute talk:
  1. Presentation slides (PDF)
  2. Technology Innovation Management Review – Renewing the Future: Social Innovation Systems, Sector Shift, and Innoweave
  3. Innoweave: Practical Tools for Social Innovation


Using Evaluation for Impact – Mark Cabaj, From Here to There

Listen to this 20 minute talk:
  1. Presentation slides (PDF)
  2. Social Innovation Generation – Introduction to Developmental Evaluation
  3. Better Evaluation – Retrospective ‘Outcome Harvesting’: Generating robust insights about a global voluntary environmental network (PDF)
  4. The Most Significant Change (MSC) Technique (PDF)
  5. Contribution Analysis: An approach to exploring cause and effect (PDF)

Failing Forward: Using the Lessons of Failure – Ashley Good, Fail Forward

Listen to this 20 minute talk:
  1. Presentation slides (PDF)
  2. Social Innovation Generation – Social Enterprise Spotlight: Failing Forward (Interview with Ashley Good)
  3. TED – 8 talks about learning from failure
  4. Harvard Business Review – The Failure Issue
  5. Harvard Business Review Blog – The Art of Admitting Failure, Charlene Li
  6. Harvard Business Review Blog – How I Got My Team To Fail More, Jason Seiken
  7. The New York Times, Opinionator – The Power of Failure, Sarika Bansal 
  8. CBC The Current – The Quest to End Poverty, Nina Munk
  9. The Case Foundation – Be Fearless (PDF)

Participating in a Change Lab – Satsuko VanAntwerp, Social Innovation Generation (SiG)

  1. Presentation slides (PDF)

Using advocacy for systemic public policy reform – Allan Northcott, Max Bell Foundation

  1. The Philanthropist, Volume 23, Issue 4 (2011) (PDF)

Investing Assets for Mission – Martin Garber-Conrad, Edmonton Community Foundation

  1. Social Enterprise Fund Website