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Working Together: Foundations and Public Policy Makers

profiles-philanthropy-covers-2015-single-enThe following profiles illustrate some of the many ways in which Canadian foundations engage in public policy work today, using all of the assets at their disposal. Sometimes they do their work in partnership with public funders. Sometimes this work is carried out in the open space for public conversation and dialogue in which all share. Sometimes it is work for the long term. Sometimes it is to find a solution to a pressing policy need. In all these ways and more, foundations are legitimate and important policy players, looking for solutions to complex issues in partnership with governments at all levels.

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Great Grant Stories

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The Lupina Foundation
A Small Foundation with a Big Idea

peter-margret-smlPeter Warrian and his wife Margret Hovanec established the Lupina Foundation of Toronto in 2000, in part, to address this “creativity gap” in social science research funding.

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Foundations Seeing the World Differently: Great Grant Stories

Some of the stories above are also included in a collection of grant stories (first published by PFC in November 2003). You can download the entire collection.