Funder Affinity Groups

Funder affinity groups are formal or informal collaborations of grantmakers with a shared interest in a particular subject or funding area. Some affinity groups are formed around a specific target population (e.g. Aboriginal people) and some are formed around a particular field of interest or issue (e.g. environment, mental health). Some are volunteer-managed, others are more formally organized.

The purpose of the groups is provide opportunities to meet each other, share knowledge and information and encourage collaboration. These networks provide rich resources for partnership, collaboration, learning, mentoring and expertise.

PFC affinity groups include:

  • Mental Health and Wellness Affinity Group
  • Early Childhood Development Working Group

In development:

  • Social Finance Group


PFC can offer the following support and services for existing or emerging affinity groups:

  • Research to help you identify other funders interested in your field of interest (providing contact names and addresses to get your network started)
  • Maintenance of a unique password protected web space on the PFC site for each affinity group to post and share materials, announce and organize events or initiate a discussion within the group.
  • Helping with convening of groups with logistical and other support as needed. Assistance can be tailored to individual network needs.
  • Publicizing of group mission and events using PFC communications vehicles such as web site and newsletter, as decided by each group.

Typically, a funder affinity group is self-directed. Each group is led by self-selected convener which is supported by PFC. Topics for meetings and activities are suggested by the conveners and/or members of each affinity group. Affinity group meetings and activities are open to all members of PFC as well as other funders.

If you are a funder/grantmaker with a keen interest in a particular funding area not mentioned above, contact We may be able to help!

Some Canadian affinity groups include:

The Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network (CEGN) is a national funders’ network that regularly releases briefs addressing key national issues such as forest conservation, environmental awareness education and the urban environment; CEGN also organizes an annual conference and maintains a data base on environmental grantmaking.

The Peace Grantmakers Network brings together various organizations, foundations and individuals who strive for peace and the resolution of some of society’s conflicts through a non-political and non-violent approach.

The goal of the Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples is to connect with and support the empowerment of First Nations, Inuit and Métis nations, communities and individuals in building a stronger, healthier future.

US Affinity Groups

For a list of US affinity groups, visit the Council on Foundations.