Apply for Membership

Once you have verified your eligibility, you may submit an application form.

The fully completed application form and other required documents should be sent to the Philanthropic Foundations Canada (PFC) office. Membership applications are reviewed promptly by a committee of the PFC Board. Decisions are communicated to applicants by PFC staff.

Information Required with Application for Membership

You will need to complete, sign and send us the following:

Additional information required by type of foundation/organization 

The following additional information must be included with the application to PFC:

For organizations not registered with CRA, also include:

  • Copy of latest financial statements
  • List of grants and contributions paid during the most recent fiscal year
  • Annual report, if available

Your Membership Contribution

Philanthropic Foundations Canada operations are funded in large part by our members through their annual membership contributions calculated according to the size (assets or grants) of each member. PFC is a registered charity and a qualified donee. You can therefore include your member contribution to PFC in your annual disbursement quota.