Running Your Small Foundation – Tips and Tools

February 26, 2014

with Graham Hallward, Alva Foundation, and Judy Martin, Hylcan Foundation

  • Who: This session is for foundations with 0-2 staff and maximum assets of $20 million
  • Time: 10:00am Pacific; 11:00am Mountain; 12:00pm Central; 1:00pm Eastern; 2:00pm Atlantic; 2:30pm Newfoundland
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Questions? Contact Sarah Pinchevsky, Program Officer

Please note that for NON-MEMBERS only, there is a cost of $50 to participate.

Are you running a small foundation with limited resources and little to no staff? Are you interested in learning from the experience of other small foundations? Please join us as we welcome Graham Hallward of the Alva Foundation and Judy Martin of the Hylcan Foundation, who will share their practical tips and lessons learned.

Following these two presentations, Michelle Clarke of Burns Memorial Fund will facilitate a discussion around what you as small foundations are most interested in and how we at PFC can best address the needs of our smaller members. We encourage all of our small foundations (defined as foundations with 0-2 staff and up to $20 million in assets) to join us on February 26 and participate in this unique discussion.

Graham Hallward has been President of the Alva Foundation for 5 years. After a 20 year career in the publishing business he moved to the charitable sector. As a ‘grant-seeker’ he has been involved in varying positions with charities addressing animal welfare, inner-city youth services, and health care, with budgets ranging from $300,000 to $30 million. As a foundation president, in a ‘grant-making’ role, he says he has traded one set of challenges and opportunities for another, but ultimately the two roles have been complementary.

Judy Martin has been the Executive Director of the Hylcan Foundation since 2002. This role allowed her to continue her active role at home and in the community. In her role, Judy guides Hylcan’s Board of Directors to support projects in the health, social services and educational sectors in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. The Foundation allocates over $400,000 annually to projects, and through Judy, provides valuable fundraising support to any charity that asks.