Funder Collaboration: Making It Work

conference-grab-2012Funder collaboration is a strategy for achieving greater impact. But it offers as many challenges as rewards. Funders in Canada have been experimenting with many forms of collaboration in the face of complex social problems too difficult for any one funder to tackle individually. Collaboration has also been used to scale up promising community approaches to issues in health, education, youth development and poverty reduction, and more. But if we want to accelerate the scope of funder collaboration, and to overcome its difficulties, we need to understand collaboration better: through frameworks for thinking about it, through case studies and through technology tools that increasingly are making it possible to foster, deepen, and connect our networks.

The 2012 PFC symposium on funder collaboration in Canada today focused on creative frameworks, case studies of successes and failures, and tools to help funders engage successfully in a wide range of collaborative efforts with their community partners.

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