Changing Philanthropy: New Visions, New Voices

The PFC conference Changing Philanthropy: New Visions, New Voices in Toronto from October 2-4, 2011 welcomed close to 300 participants. We heard many excellent presentations from our plenary speakers, workshop panelists and facilitators. The plenary speeches are available below. Other conference materials, including panelist presentations where available, are posted for conference participants only.

The conference videos provide excerpts from the conference plenary speeches. Full text of speeches where available are posted below.

Conference Report   Conference Program


Conference Materials

  • Pre-Conference Dinner

    Keynote speech Susan Berresford, former President of the Ford Foundation (U.S.)

  • Plenary 1

    Opening address by His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada [full text]

    Keynote speech Susan Raymond, Executive Vice President, Changing Our World (U.S.) [full text]

  • Plenary 2

    Philanthropy, Civil Society and the Public Sector – Uneasy Partners?

    Moderator: Sandy Houston, George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation

    Panelists: Tim Brodhead, formerly of the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation [notes]
    Andrew Barnett, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK)

  • Plenary 3

    Closing remarks by National Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo, Chief from the Ahousaht First Nation and National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations. [full text]

Conference Blog

Review some conference highlights and discussions with a look at our blog.

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October 2 preconference sessions

TIFF Bell Lightbox Trustee Dinner

October 3 – Day 1 of the conference

October 4 – Day 2 of the conference

Concurrent Sessions

The conference featured 16 concurrent sessions on various topics in philanthropy. These sessions were organized into five tracks, listed below. The titles reflect the themes and issues discussed in each track. Where available, we have posted the presentations that were made by panelists. These links are password protected as the materials are reserved for conference participants and PFC members.

  • Track A: Working Together in New Ways: Networks, Collaboration and Cross-Sectoral Partnerships

    A1 All Hands on Deck: Building a Strong Collaboration

    Moderator: Peter Paul, ALLIES/Maytree [presentation]

    Panelists: Scott Mullin, TD Bank Financial Group; Anthony Meehan, Canada’s Top 100 Employers Project; Dana Vocisano, The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

    A3 Collaborations that Help Build Capacity: A Corporate Perspective

    Moderator: James Temple, PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada Foundation [presentation]

    Panelists: Diane Solinger, Entrepreneurs Foundation Sarah Saso, Green Shield Canada Foundation

    A4 The End of Lone Ranger Philanthropy?

    Moderator: Blair Dimock, Ontario Trillium Foundation [presentation]

    Panelists: Marc Langlois, Skipping Stones Consulting, Mark Blumberg, Blumberg Segal LLP; Tracey Robertson, Ontario Trillium Foundation

  • Track B: Tackling Complex Problems: New Thinking and Approaches to the Challenges Facing Canadian Society

    B1 Cultivating Aboriginal Leadership: The Power and Potential of Investing in People

    Moderator: Stephen Huddart, The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

    Panelists: Elisha Muskat, Ashoka Canada; Nancy Karetak-Lindell, Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation; Mark Podlasly, Action Canada Fellow [presentation]

    B2 More than a Drop in the Bucket: Funders and Global Water Issues

    Moderator: Tim Morris, Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation

    Panelists: Shari Austin, RBC Foundation; Danielle Valiquette, One Drop Foundation; Connie Wansbrough, Harbinger Foundation

    B3 Leveraging Impact: Philanthropy’s Role in Public Policy

    Moderator: Colette Murphy, George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation

    Panelists: Matthew Mendelsohn, Mowat Centre for Policy Innovation; Sandy Houston, George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation; Allan Northcott, Max Bell Foundation; Frances Lankin, Commission for the Review of Social Assistance in Ontario

    B4 Cast in a Supporting Role: Private Philanthropy in the Arts

    Moderator: Michael Jones, George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation

    Panelists: Nichole Anderson, Business for the Arts; Ross Manson, Volcano; Phyllis Novak, SKETCH; Jason Samolski-Zanette Singh, Ontario Trillium Foundation

  • Track C: Looking at the Big Picture in Philanthropy: New Thinking and Emerging Players

    C1 Risky Innovator or Pragmatic Incrementalist: Is there Room for Both?

    Moderator: Sheherazade Hirji, Tides Canada Foundation

    Panelists: Susan V. Berresford, formerly of the Ford Foundation; Susan Raymond, Changing Our World; Shira Herzog, Kahanoff Foundation

    C2 Social Finance: From Theory to Practice

    Moderator: Allyson Hewitt, SiG@MaRS

    Panelists: Tim Draimin, Social Innovation Generation [presentation]; Nora Sobolov, Community Forward Fund [presentation]; Pam Jolliffe, Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada [presentation]

    C3 Next Generation Leadership: Investing in the Future

    Moderator: Robin Cardozo, Ontario Trillium Foundation [resources]

    Panelists: Lynne Toupin, formerly of Human Resources Council for the NonProfit Sector; Julian Caspari, Schools Without Borders; John Fox, Laidlaw Foundation

    C4 Research Partnerships: New Kids on the R&D Block?

    Moderator: Peter Warrian, Lupina Foundation

    Panelists: Anthony Tomei, The Nuffield Foundation (UK) [presentation]; David Phipps, York University [presentation]

  • Track D: Using Knowledge for Change: How we Assess, Measure, Share and Disseminate our Work

    D1 Beyond the Silver Bullet: Getting Serious about Social Change

    Moderator: Joanne Duhl, The Philanthropic Initiative (Boston)

    Panelists: Mark Kramer, FSG (Boston) ; Eric Leviten-Reid, Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement [presentation]

    D2 Beyond Social Media: Engaging Community

    Moderator: Marco Campana, Maytree

    Panelist: Allison Fine, The Networked Non-Profit (U.S.) [presentation]

  • Track E: Managing 2.0: Keeping Informed on the Management Basics of Philanthropy

    E1 What’s New in the World of Charity Regulation?

    Moderator: Hilary Pearson, PFC

    Panelists: Cathy Hawara, Charities Directorate, Canada Revenue Agency; Susan Manwaring, Miller Thomson LLP [presentation]; Adam Aptowitzer, Drache Aptowitzer LLP

    E2 Navigating Volatility: Investing and Disbursing in an Uncertain Market

    Moderator: Sheila Norman, CGOV Foundation [presentation]

    Panelists: Malcolm Burrows, Scotia Private Client Group; Donald Walcot, The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation; Howard Davidson, R. Howard Webster Foundation

2011 Conference Videos

The 2011 PFC Conference featured an exceptional line-up of plenary speakers and panelists. Excerpts of their presentations are presented in the following videos.

Governor General

The Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, spoke about Canada as a nation of givers and about the collaborative philanthropy of Canadians beginning with First Nations leaders and Samuel de Champlain.

Shawn Atleo

National Chief Shawn Atleo of the Assembly of First Nations urged us to return to the shared dream of First Nations and other Canadians that gave expression to the spirit of partnership at the earliest days of contact.

Susan Raymond

Susan Raymond of Changing Our World asked what do we mean by philanthropy, answering that we are moving to a new definition around the mobilization of capital for the societal commons.

Tim Brodhead

Tim Brodhead talked of the difficulties of “partnering” among civil society, government and philanthropy and urged the audience to share the risks, and support innovation, especially by bringing assets beyond money to the table.

Mark Kramer

Mark Kramer of FSG Social Impact Advisors talked of the difference between giving away money well and solving complex social challenges.

Susan Beresford

Susan Berresford former President of the Ford Foundation listed the seven qualities of excellent foundation trustees.

Anthony Tomei

Anthony Tomei in conversation with Patrick Johnston.

Mark Kramer

Mark Kramer in conversation with Patrick Johnston.

Tim Brodhead and Andrew Barnett

Tim Brodhead and Andrew Barnett in conversation with Patrick Johnston.

Susan Berresford and Susan Raymond

Susan Berresfrod and Susan Raymond in conversation with Patrick Johnston.

Susan Berresford and Susan Raymond

Susan Berresford and Susan Raymond in conversation with Patrick Johnston.

Allison Hewitt

Allison Hewitt in conversation with Patrick Johnston.

Allison Fine

Allison Fine in conversation with Patrick Johnston.