The Pulse of Philanthropy

The Pulse of Philanthropy is our theme this year. It was chosen for three major reasons. The program and people at this conference are representative of a dynamic and lively Canadian philanthropic sector in Calgary and around the country. At this event, you are “taking the pulse” of Canadian philanthropy in action. Of course as an Olympic city in a country looking forward with anticipation to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, our pulses are racing already! Sport is important to everyone in our community. Indeed at this conference we will be hearing much about the critical role of sport in developing individual and community potential.

Conference Report Conference Program


Conference Materials

  • Plenary 1

    Local Pebbles, National Ripples

    Fiona Ellis, past Director of the Northern Rock Foundation, Newcastle, United Kingdom [presentation] [highlights] [full video]

  • Plenary 2

    The Power of Sport and Play to Develop Community

    Johann Koss and Beckie Scott, Right to Play [presentation]
    Eric Young, Eric Young Enterprises (E.Y.E.) [presentation] [What Sport Can Do]

  • Plenary 3

    The Essential Elements of Effective Philanthropy

    Phil Buchanan of the Center for Effective Philanthropy, Boston [presentation] [highlights] [full video]

  • Track A Purposes

    A1 – Sport and Philanthropy: Beyond Making Kids Sweat

    Designer: John Cawley, The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

    Moderator: Ian Bird, Sport Matters Group

    Presenters: Doug Gore, Ontario Trillium Foundation; John Cawley, The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation; Blythe Hartley, Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation

    A2 – water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink? a challenge for canada’s funders

    Designers: Pegi Dover, Canadian Environmental Grantmakers Network; Betsy Martin, Community Foundations of Canada

    Moderator: Joe Obad, Water Matters [presentation]

    Presenters: Tim Morris, Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation [presentation]; Robert Sandford, United Nations Water for Life Decade [presentation]; Betsy Martin, Community Foundations of Canada [presentation]

    A3 – International Philanthropy: Easier than You Think

    Designer/moderator: Joan Vanduzer, Harbinger Foundation

    Presenters: Vera Radyo, Kenoli Foundation; Colin Glassco, Glassco Charitable Foundation for Children; Mary Tidlund, Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation [presentation]

    A4 – investing in early childhood to connect the dots

    Designer/Moderator: Jane Bertrand, Margaret and Wallace McCain Foundation

    Presenters: Nancy Mannix, Norlien Foundation; Lyse Brunet, Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon; Jane Bertrand, Margaret and Wallace McCain Foundation

    A5 – Bridging the worlds of philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples through respectful engagement

    Designer: James Stauch, Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation

    Moderator: Barbara Bruce, AMR Planning and Consulting

    Presenters: Zainab Amadahy, Atkinson Foundation [presentation]; Victoria Grant, Community Foundations of Canada

    A6 – Engaging in Social Change: Youth Organizing

    Designer/moderator: Violetta Ilkiw, Laidlaw Foundation

    Presenters: Ana Skinner, Laidlaw Foundation; Marc Langlois, Youthscape; Helena Shimeles, Schools without Borders

  • Track B Practices

    B1 – Working on the Edge: Helping Charities Engage in Policy Work

    Designer: Allan Northcott, Max Bell Foundation

    Presenters: Ratna Omidvar, Maytree Foundation; Bob Wyatt, Muttart Foundation; David Elton, Max Bell Foundation

    B2 – Show Me the Money: Leveraging Assets for Social Change

    Designer/moderator: Tim Draimin, Social Innovation Generation

    Presenters: Bill Young, Social Capital Partners [presentation]; Olivier Gamache, Groupe Investissement Responsable Inc.; Martin Garber-Conrad, Edmonton Community Foundation

    B3 – Hard Times and the World of Charities Regulation

    Designer/Moderator: Hilary Pearson, Philanthropic Foundations Canada

    Presenters: Terry de March, Charities Directorate, Canada Revenue Agency; Laird Hunter, Richards Hunter LLP; Susan Manwaring, Miller Thomson LLP

    B4 – Investment Strategies: It’s All about Asset Allocation

    Designer: Hilary Pearson, Philanthropic Foundations Canada

    Moderator: Graham Hallward, The Alva Foundation

    Presenters: Tony Arrell, Arrell Family Foundation [presentation]; Ralph Strother, Max Bell Foundation [presentation]

    B5 – Drowning in Paperwork? streamline the Grants Process

    Designer: Liza Goulet, Philanthropic Foundations Canada

    Moderator: Jessica Bearman, Bearman Consulting

    Presenters: Jessica Bearman, Bearman Consulting [presentation]; Karen Shelstad, The Lawson Foundation [presentation]; Hulene Montgomery, Lyle S. Hallman Foundation [presentation1] [presentation2]

    B6 – Stepping Back to move Forward: Reflecting on Mission and Practice

    Designer: Hilary Pearson, Philanthropic Foundations Canada

    Moderator: Tim Brodhead, The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

    Presenters: Fiona Ellis, former Director, Northern Rock Foundation, Newcastle, UK; Christopher Smith, Muttart Foundation

  • Track C Partnerships

    C1 – more cooks in the kitchen – foundation collaboration on immigration

    Designer/Moderator: Ratna Omidvar, Maytree Foundation

    Presenters: Howard Duncan, The Metropolis Project; Ulrich Kolber, Bertelsmann Foundation, Germany [presentation]; Stephen Huddart, The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

    C2 – From Partnership to Project to Policy

    Designer/Moderator: Michelle Clarke, Burns Memorial Fund

    Presenters: Doug Borch, City of Calgary; Tina Brillantes, Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary; Kendall Quantz, United Way of Calgary

    C3 – The Art of Partnership

    Designers: Cheryl Cohen, Harry and Martha Cohen Foundation; Mary Rozsa de Coquet, Rozsa Foundation

    Moderator: Nathan Gilbert, The Laidlaw Foundation

    Presenters: Jini Stolk, Creative Trust [presentation]; Mary Rozsa de Coquet, Rozsa Foundation [presentation]; Leila Fenc, Deloitte Foundation [presentation]

    C4 – Harnessing the Market Place: The Missing Piece

    Designer: Bruce Lourie, Ivey Foundation

    Moderator: Ross McMillan, Tides Canada [presentation]

    Presenters: Bruce Lourie, Ivey Foundation [presentation]; Nicole Rycroft, Markets Initiative [presentation]; Ersilia Serafini, Clean Air Foundation