2017: The Year We Talk About Listening and Belonging?

September 18, 2017 From the President

Despite Canada’s favourable global attention in 2017, PFC President, Hilary Pearson, questions if our supposed social harmony is as harmonious as all that and what is organized philanthropy’s role in moderating the pressures and conflicts brought about by urbanization and immigration, in her latest blog post?

Thoroughly Modern Charities

August 14, 2017 From the President

What might that look like if Canadian charities and charitable funders were regulated as modern organizations. PFC President, Hilary Pearson contemplates such a world in her latest blog post and outlines the activities that are underway to bring it about.

Summer 2017: Time To Read!

July 4, 2017 From the President

As you head off for summer holidays, or simply clear your desks for a little catch up reading, PFC President Hilary Person offers some suggestions for summer reading on issues and topics in philanthropy.

Matching Our Dance Steps: Philanthropy and Government

June 7, 2017 From the President

Can foundations be good dance partners for government and vice-versa? Hilary Pearson outlines the ups and down of partnerships between philanthropy and government and highlights some leassons learned.

Rethinking Philanthropic Strategy: An Innovative Voice

May 3, 2017 From the President

Hilary Pearson outlines the main points of her discussion with unconventional thinker and President of the Heron Foundation, Clara Miller and her view that foundations need to boldly redefine themselves as providers of capital for public benefit as opposed to grantmakers.