Raising Philanthropy’s Voice

February 28, 2017 From the President

PFC President, Hilary Pearson, shares how, in these times, philanthropists are both compelled by moral values and enabled by financial resources to raise our voices more loudly in support of peace and social trust.

The Two-Way Street

February 9, 2017 From the President

Listening is a two way street. How does philanthropy ensure we are listening to the voices of various communities and asking the right questions to achieve impact with our funding programs?

What’s Trending in Canadian Philanthropy?

January 10, 2017 From the President

PFC President, Hilary Pearson, compares five U.S. philanthropic trends to trends we might see in Canada and a few that we don’t (yet).

Looking Back, Looking Forward

December 7, 2016 From the President

At the end of this very eventful year, it’s a good time to look back and also to look forward, since one without the other risks either too much disappointment or too much irrational hope!

The Room Where It Happened

November 8, 2016 From the President

After a high-energy and thought-provoking two days , PFC president, Hilary Pearson, shares her personal take-aways from the PFC biennial conference in Vancouver.