About PFC


PFC promotes the growth and development of effective and responsible foundations and organized philanthropy in Canada through provision of membership services, resources and advocacy.

Who We Are

PFC is a member association of Canadian grantmakers, including private and public foundations, charities and corporations. PFC was created as a nonprofit membership association in 1999 and became a registered charity in 2002 (charitable registration number 89295 2128 RR0001). We seek to support Canadian philanthropy and our members by:

  • encouraging public policies that promote philanthropy
  • increasing awareness of philanthropy’s contribution to Canadians’ well-being
  • providing opportunities for foundations to learn from each other

We can see extraordinary opportunities for private philanthropy in the coming decade. PFC will be the platform to help realize those opportunities for a growing philanthropic field.

Our practice of philanthropy has been greatly influenced by the access to other foundations via membership in PFC, as well as our participation in various PFC events and access to resources.

The information we receive from PFC helps us stay up-to-date on the latest developments in philanthropy and connected to important work across the country. We count on PFC for thoughtful, well-informed analysis of the issues which affect our sector. Michelle Clarke, Executive Director, The Burns Memorial Fund

PHILANTHROPIC FOUNDATIONS CANADA IS A SUPPORT ORGANIZATION FOR GRANTMAKING FOUNDATIONS AND NOT A FUNDING OR FUNDRAISING ORGANIZATION. PFC cannot offer advice or services for setting up a foundation nor advice or services for grant seekers. PFC does not publish information beyond what is available on this web site. If you are looking for funding please direct your queries to Imagine Canada and consult Grant Connect. If you are looking for information on establishing a fundraising foundation contact the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

What We Do

Provide a collective voice

PFC speaks out on legislative, regulatory and other issues that affect foundations. PFC is in constant contact with legislators, the media, other philanthropic organizations, and the wider voluntary sector. We work to foster a regulatory and public environment that promotes philanthropic giving.

Build a network

PFC members are part of a larger network of foundations, exploring and sharing ideas, common concerns and strategies, and ways of leveraging resources for greater impact. PFC is also part of an international network of grant maker associations, bringing Canadian foundations the best of what is happening in global philanthropy.

Inform on good practice

PFC provides answers or guidance to information on topics of interest to grant makers, ranging from governance to the art of grantmaking to evaluation . We also educate members and the public about trends in philanthropy and the voluntary sector in Canada. And we keep members up to date on changes to the laws and regulations governing foundations and the charitable sector.

Statement of Values and Ethical Principles

The members of Philanthropic Foundations Canada are individually and collectively committed to the public good. We believe that public trust in our performance and behaviour is reinforced through the integrity and honesty we demonstrate in all our relationships, dealings and transactions.

Members of PFC adhere to all applicable federal and provincial laws and regulations governing charitable foundations and we commit to acting within the spirit of the law at all times.  Our philanthropy is guided by common values and ethical principles. These values and principles have been articulated in our Statement of Values and Ethical Principles, which serves as a frame of reference to support and shape our work.