April 11, 2017 Members

The Metcalf Foundation: Releases Report Choreographing New Practices for Social Change

From 2014 to 2016, Metcalf Innovation Fellow Dr. Sarah Schulman and her team at social design agency InWithForward conducted six experiments with over 400 Canadian social service professionals to strengthen their capacity to embed continuous innovation into their everyday practice. In Choreographing New Practices for Social Change, Dr. Schulman proposed that strengthening the capacity of groups, rather than training individuals, could ultimately offer the most promising foundation to establish practices that are both supportive for clients and sustainable for organizations. The report offers a series of case studies and actionable strategies that are grounded within a theoretical framework.

As community agencies and institutions are increasingly encouraged to innovate and try new models, Dr. Schulman’s research and reflections are a timely provocation for capacity builders to consider the unique challenges faced by the social service services, and explore new methods for shifting culture and practice.

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